Vanessa Bruno cashmere cardigan: Now with added shoulder straps

Vanessa Bruno cashmere long cardiganYes, this is exactly what it looks like: it’s a cashmere cardigan with a pair of braces (suspenders) sticking out of the top.  But these braces are not there to hold your trousers up.  Oh no.  These braces are to hold your cardigan up.  The cardigan you spent £260 of your English pounds on, presumably to keep you warm because, you know, it’s cashmere, only to find that it doesn’t actually cover your shoulders and therefore fails at that whole ‘keeping you warm’ thing.  The straps are there to ensure the cardigan doesn’t completely fall off you (and therefore fail at being a cardigan at all).

Vanessa Bruno cashmere long cardigan manequinWhat do you think though readers?  Do you prefer your slouchy knits to be optionally off the shoulder, or would you welcome the addition of braces to hold them up?  If you want to buy this particular example, it’s available at Matches.

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