HA HA! The model in the big white flower knows …

Comment on Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2010 by Cloots.

HA HA! The model in the big white flower knows its silly 🙂

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Alexa Chung wins British Style Award for second year running
Nah, My grandma has WAY better style!

Trend Alert: All the colours of the rainbow
I’d go for it on a shoe (not that shoe though) or an accessory, with a more basic outfit. But a dress or a sweater, or god forbid- pants… Its pretty damn loud, clashes with the environment around you, and reminds me too much of some bad fashion decisions from the nineties.

Re-dressing Celebrities: Jessica Alba in black sequins
“If you are on your thirties, you can´t use this kind of tights. They are for teenagers only…”

That’s the impeccable and intelligent grammar of someone we should be taking seriously. all you ladies on your thirties! Heed the wise advice! don’t use this tights!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2011: Gwen Stefani as Cinderella
If you’re that rich you can buy any costume you want.
good for you, Gwen. You bought a big blue dress.
like great, its very nice but….
I’ll be impressed when I see a celebrity homemade costume.
Homemade/creative/inventive costumes are the best.

The Skin dress by Maison Martin Margiela
Great for dishwashers, custodians and hasmat teams.

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