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Style on Trial: Valentino Flower Tote

Valentino_tote_bagValentino: we’ve loved the label longtime, but lately something’s been … not quite right. First came the lavishly bow-bedecked shoes, and now there’s this flower-encrusted tote bag, which we feel like we should like, but somehow just don’t. This is the same story as with the bow shoes: we like bows, we like flowers, but we also like to over-use the phrase “everything in moderation”, so we think this bag is taking the floral thing too far, and straying dangerously close to “little old lady” territory. And, sure, the little old lady who carried this bag would probably be one kick-ass pensioner (and a rich one, too – it’s $1,950), but it’s just not for us, we’re afraid.

What about you, though? Do you find this bag delightfully eccentric, or is it just a little crazy? Is it guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion?

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