Top 10 | Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets

Valentine's Day Lingerie Sets

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets

We figured we should probably talk about Valentine’s Day.

It’s just… we don’t really want to.

Seriously: unless this is your first time on the internet (In which case, welcome, and don’t look any further – this is the only site you’ll ever need…), we’re guessing you’ve probably had your fill of gift guides, flowers, and various red and/or pink things by now. We also have a sneaking suspicious that most of you probably don’t really care all that much – or, at least, not the extent that you’ve been anxiously counting down the days since Christmas, as all of the press releases we’ve been receiving lately would have us believe. (You haven’t, have you?)

We really hate to add to the overwhelming pinkness of the week, then, but… lingerie. We love it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, really, isn’t it? More importantly, it’s the gift you can give yourself, so even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s day this year, it’s the kind of thing you might just consider buying anyway, just because.

In the gallery below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite lingerie sets and separates from the UK high street. You CAN, of course, spend a small fortune on lingerie if you so desire (and if you have the funds, then we can’t say we blame you…), but you can also get some really sweet little sets on a serious budget, and that’s what we’re concentrating on here. Proving that “cheap” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “nasty”, and that Valentine’s day lingerie doesn’t have to mean putting up with scratchy, synthetic fibres, here are some of our favourite pieces – just click on the individual images to go directly to the product page, where you can buy them online.

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day tomorrow? What will you be wearing, if so?

GALLERY: Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets

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