What to Wear… to a Valentine’s Day dinner


It’s almost February, which means we’ll soon be having to put up with all of those tedious, "So, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?" questions. On the other hand, we’ll take any excuse for a good meal, so in honour of the occassion, we’re bringing back our What to Wear slot, in which you get to take over the site and tell us what you’d wear to a particular event.

In this case, the event in question is a Valentine’s Day dinner, and the restaurant is up to you, so it can be as smart or as casual as you want it to be. We’ve quickly put together a dressed-up outfit above: now it’s up to you. Tell us what you’d wear for Valentine’s Day by leaving us a comment with links to each item: we’ll do the rest…

(P.S. If you get a message saying that your comment has been sent to the spam folder, don’t worry – we’ll fish it out for you, so you don’t need to bother posting twice!)

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