I actually like these… *runs away to hide* …

Comment on More pointless footwear: Urban Outfitters Lattice suede boots by Agent Elle.

I actually like these…
*runs away to hide*

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Jodie Marsh goes clubbing in her tights
Why doesn’t this suprise me?

Foil cycling shorts from Topshop: WHY?

Skirts: how short is too short?
Personally? I think it all depends on the outfit. Showing too much can just look tacky, but short skirts can also look really nice. It all depends on how you can carry it off.

We can has cheezburger dress?
Oh. My. Fucking. God.
This is totally for FANCY DRESS, right?

Crime Scene Scarf: to be issued to all fashion criminals
I love it! Creepy, but it’s fantastic.

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