God I love them!!, its hot all year round where …

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God I love them!!, its hot all year round where i live but i love wearing boots, but its hot but i like boot, those would be the answer for me, specially during the winter when its not hot nor cold. Love them.

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Style Trial: Flower garlands
I made one for myself and wear it ocasionally. Flowers were too big and I want to make another one in darker colors with smaller flowers. However I’m a dancer, I’ve worn them to dance/arts events, to host my own shows and stuff like that. Also people already give me funny looks because of the way I dress (I live in a small city in Mexico) so I couldn’t care less.

Style Trial: Cropped tops
Were I live is pretty hot all year round so I have a couple crop tops (loose) that I wear over sleeveless (long but fitted) shirts and tops to have some layers without sweating to death or to cover up if it gets a little cool I also like them with high waisted skirts, they can dress them down a little. But I’m a dancer and that requires me to wear pretty casual clothes pretty much all the time wich is so SO sad 🙁

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Blue harem pants, dr Marten boots, black tank top, black peticoat, blue flower on my hair

Can you wear tights / stockings with open toed shoes?
Yes! It seems I can never find shoes without peep toes (might be because I am in Mexico where is friking hot and humid all the time) but still, I can´t wear heels without thights (have to walk a lot feet hurt), so finding shoes that fit your description would be nice.

Unsolved Mysteries: Tailored track pants from Kookai
Dita works out like this

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