More pointless footwear: Urban Outfitters Lattice suede boots

Lattice_bootsHigh-leg gladiator sandals. Have you been scratching your heads and wondering just how the hell you were going to keep on working that look throughout the winter, readers? Or were you hoping the end of summer would mean the end of all things “gladiator”, and now you’re cursing like a sailor as you look at the picture above and realise that no, they’re still around, albeit in a slightly different form?

These are Urban Outfitter’s ‘Lattice’ suede boots, and while they’re not “gladiators” exactly, they’re from the same family, we think. Yes, those are peep toes. And no, that’s not lining, you can see, that’s the model’s skin. Her poor, cold, goose-pimpled skin – or at least, it would be poor, cold and goose-pimpled if she had to live through the same kind of winters we do.

What do you think of these, folks? Do you agree with Urban Outfitters that they’re “awesome” in every way, or do you agree with The Fashion Police that they’re the next worse thing after high-leg gladiators?


  • October 3, 2008


    God I love them!!, its hot all year round where i live but i love wearing boots, but its hot but i like boot, those would be the answer for me, specially during the winter when its not hot nor cold. Love them.

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  • October 3, 2008


    I actually agree with the Fashion Police about peep-toe boots and high-legged gladiator sandals, but I think this boot doesn’t quite fit the crime. I think this particular boot is in the same family as kinky, dominatrix boots and fetish footwear. Yet, the fact that it’s not pleather with a seven-inch heel actually makes it kind of wearable. I can picture somebody who was on stage really rocking these boots–or just somebody who wished they were!

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  • October 6, 2008

    Agent Elle

    I actually like these…
    *runs away to hide*

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