Actually, I will NOT be paying 49.99 for it! …

Comment on Unsolved Mysteries: River Island sequin swimsuit by merges.

Actually, I will NOT be paying 49.99 for it!

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How Short is Too Short? Nicolas Andreas edition
When they are short enough and ugly enough to be mistaken for an adult diaper, yes, they are way too short. And ugly.

Frakenshoes: Brunello Cucinelli Feathered Motorcycle Boots
Looks like a shoe Dr. Suess would draw.

Frankenshoes: Kron by Kronkron multicoloured pumps
What’s truly sad is that someone will buy them, and love them, but not me!

Crime of Fashion? White print jumpsuit by Voom
Maybe a 60’s costume party, or just a painting drop cloth….

Elizabeth Banks in orange Versace at The Hunger Games premiere
She looks like Wilma Flintstone.

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