Unsolved Mysteries: Red hooded scarf by Marios

You know those days when it’s absolutely pouring with rain, and you want to be really sure that only the front of your body stays dry, while your back remains exposed to the elements?

No, we don’t know those days either. Which is why we won’t be paying £60 for this Marios hooded scarf. Will you?


  • April 7, 2011


    Errrm, how exactly do you wear this?
    Does the lower part go in the front or in the back under your arms? Wouldn’t that be complicated to put on and take off?
    And why does it look like a cheap raincoat when I could get a pretty and complete rain jacket for that price?

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  • April 8, 2011


    Handy for walking INTO a torrential storm.

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  • April 8, 2011


    This might be useful for bikers, who already wear rain-proof jacket. Then you put this thing on and it kinda covers your knees while biking.. I guess. I saw my colleague the other day trying to make something like this out of a huge plastic bag.
    (I live in Holland you know.. land of bikes and rain)))

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