Somehow I have a feeling I’ll be seeing an army …

Comment on Unsolved Mysteries: Prada’s flatform lace-ups sell out by Jane.

Somehow I have a feeling I’ll be seeing an army marching around wearing these horrendous shoes. If they can walk in them, that is. (:

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Style Trial: Jessie J at the 2012 Brit Awards
I love her hair and makeup, but hate the transparrncy of the dress.

Wear or Die: KTZ Edition
The second one, at least it doesn’t bare my torso to the world, and I can pretend I’m dressing as an unfortunate orphan for a play.

Heroes in a Half Skirt: Andrea Crews provides the worst of both worlds
what are these?! They look like weird photo-shopped images at best.

The Urinal Dress by the Rodnik Band
It’s decided. I will dress up as a toilet for halloween. XD

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
turquoise tank top and dark blue denim shorts, no shoes and acessories. It’s really hot at where I live, you can’t survive summertime unless you’re underneath the aircon at home!

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