That is all kinds of ugly. …

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That is all kinds of ugly.

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The long and short (and shapeless) of it: Mullet shirts
Bet they will be styled with leggings, so the front shows and the butt is slightly covered. 🙂

Style on Trial: Naomi Watts in a “shress”
She could also afford a slip! Sorry, but this makes me think of sheer curtains, pretending to be raw silk.

Style on Trial: Blake Lively in a red Marchesa dress
Ruffled toddler panties attached to a mostly not there top. Yuck.

Scary Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard Overlay Platform Sandals
What I don’t understand is the heel part sticking out the back. the boot doesn’t seem to cover the whole foot. Which to me takes them from scary to goofy, and not in a good way.

Daylight Robbery? Lanvin’s $1,500 canvas tote bag
I just donated this bag, and many more silk flower projects by my late mother-in-law, to the Salvation Army! I could’ve made a fortune!!

I agree with Moni that the name is not very legible. I could’ve copied the ‘logo’ and who could tell??

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