Oh. my. god. EWWWW! …

Comment on Unsolved Mysteries: Prada’s flatform lace-ups sell out by Aline C.

oh. my. god.

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Crime of Fashion: Daniel Palillo mesh leggings
Why do people do this!? WHY! !!! Who designs these things and thinks they’re a good idea?
It makes me so mad 🙁

Style Trial: Jennifer Aniston at the L.A. premiere of Wanderlust
I love it 🙂

Would you wear… your bra in public?
It looks good on “other people”. I most probably won’t go out with my bra out 😛
The top matches the shoes though (in the pic)

Gareth Pugh and the incredible inflatable dress
This reminds me of that scene in the Lizzie McGuire movie when that Italian designer puts her in weird outfits, and one of them is an inflated igloo. hehe

2011: A Fashion Retrospective
hahaha so true! Love them all though 🙂

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