Unsolved Mysteries: Evil Genius Cowl Back Tunic from Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters describe this top as "Evil Genius". The Fashion Police just want to know why. And also: who. Who is the 'Evil Genius' of whom Urban Outfitters speak? Why did he or she design a tunic with a hammock in the back? What's it for? Is it so models can carry their young to photo shoots? Is it for storing food, like a hamster does in its cheeks? Or is there another, more sinister reason for it?

We're stumped. We need your help, readers, to solve the Mystery of the Evil Genius top. Tell us: what's it for? And would you buy it?

We, meanwhile, are off to add this Evil Genius character to our "Wanted" list. (And we don't mean that in a good way.) Well, you can never be too careful…

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