Unsolved Mysteries: Cuffed fishnet leggings


We know there has to be a plausible explanation for these. Has to be. But right now, we're dammed if we know what it is. Why do they exist? For what possible reason would you need a pair of cuffed pants (Yoox.com call them "leggings", but they're a little too wide for that label, we think) in a fishnet fabric? And, perhaps most puzzlingly of all: WHY WOULD YOU STYLE THEM LIKE THIS?

There is one small comfort in all of this, though: they're not actually attached to the shorts. At first glace, you see, we thought this wasn't just a case of Baggy Fishnet Leggings: we thought we were ALSO dealing with a Clothes-That-Are-Joined-Together Crime. But no: the shorts aren't attached to the leggings, the model is just wearing the shorts under the leggings. Yes, under the leggings. Which is a whole other mystery in itself, because while we understand – and are grateful for – the desire to protect the model's modesty, if these are supposed to be worn underneath something else (and surely to God they are?), why not just show them like that?

We may never know. If, however, you care only about how to get your hands on them, they're £82 from Yoox.com.

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