I like Alexander Wang, I like the front of the …

Comment on Unsolved Mysteries: Alexander Wang pink jacket with cutout back by Sibyl.

I like Alexander Wang, I like the front of the blazer, but the back is just…why?

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Dress of the Day: Orange skater dress from Miss Selfridge
IMO orange (along with yellow) looks nice on darker skintones. It just tends to wash out most white people.

Five Fashion Myths Busted
Yeah, exactly. “Dressing for your bodytype” always seems to be “dressing to make your bodytype look the opposite of how it is.” I’m gonna show off my legs even if I am “pear-shaped”, thx.

Style on Trial: Hipster/Nerd glasses
I wear glasses because I actually need them, so it doesn’t really bug me. I use them as a fashion accessory – I have a couple different pairs and I’ll pick one to go with whatever I’m wearing – so why can’t people with good vision do the same?

I don’t see point of the hipster-bashing all over the internet, either. Yeah, they’re not the most original, but neither were grunge kids or punks or hippies. Wearing dumb shit is part of the fun of being young!

Case Closed: Katy Perry in a mouse-ear headband
The cat ears belong on a teenage anime fan in a Hot Topic corset.

Dress or Top? Red flared dresses from Zara and New Look
The problem with dresses like this is that, IMO, they’re really unflattering and dowdy looking with jeans or pants. So really you can’t win.

Were it a few inches longer, I’d wear it…pretty much everywhere. I like my miniskirts too but I just don’t feel comfortable when I’m at risk of flashing people.

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