Unique Boutique floral print corsage mini prom dress: your thoughts?


  The Fashion Police would've been ALL OVER this dress when we were young. Just look at it: it's one part ballerina's tutu, one part trashy princess, and another part that looks vaguely like something the 'Like a Virgin' era Madonna would've totally worn.

These days? Let's just say we're not so keen.

We are a little confused, though, because we didn't find this while policing one of our regular prom-dress hangouts, but at ASOS.com, where it's priced at £250. Or rather, where is WAS priced at £250, because almost as soon as that dress appeared on the ASOS website, it sold right out.

Tell us, then, readers: are our instincts guiding us wrong on this one? Is this dress just as fabulous to grown adults as it would've been to our eight-year-old selves? Tell us!

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