Padded cycling briefs. No, really…

Paddedbriefs Now, we know these padded cycling briefs iconhave a strictly practical purpose and so don’t really count as "fashion items", but come on – look at this picture again and tell us it didn’t make you smile just a little bit?

Actually, the thing that puzzles us most about these is not the panty pad, which is clearly there to, er, give you some extra crotch-comfort when you cycle, but the "embroidered motifs" at front and rear, which would seem to suggest that these pants are meant to be seen. Otherwise, why bother embroidering them?

Would you want to be seen in a pair of padded pants, though? For real?

[via Trendinista]


  • March 11, 2008


    Maybe the embroidery is to help you identify them in your undies drawer, so you don’t inadvertently toss on the maxi’d undies for everyday wear? I know my drawer is a sea of black briefs, so hey, it’d help me out.

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  • March 11, 2008


    What is the green bit that looks like plastic in between the legs? I think it would be very sore while just walking never mind cycling. A man must have designed them!

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