Under Fashion Police Arrest: Meadham Kirchhoff jeans with zip detail


  Readers, we've found the perfect jeans to go withthose Halston boots we showed you earlier today – and by "perfect", we mean, "we've put out an APB on them and we hope  to have them in custody soon, no one panic".

We are, however, growing increasingly concerned about this whole "rip the back off stuff and call it 'fashion'" thing that seems be going round, like a particularly nasty virus at the moment. That's not to say these trousers would've looked good without the open backs, of course, because, as far as we can tell from the mugshot, these look like they'd be right at home on the Hot Topic sales rack, and we don't mean that as a compliment.

But the "missing parts" trend. It's scary, isn't it? It's not flattering to the leg. And if people are willing to walk around with the backs torn out of their boots and pants, how long will it be before we're forced to deal with open-backed skirts and dresses? We shudder to think.

In the meantime, these Meadham Kirchhoff jeans icon are £1,390 – yes, £1,390 – from Browns icon.

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