What are the UK’s most-hated fashion trends?

If you’re a regular Fashion Police reader, we’re sure you know by now what types of things WE deem to be crimes of fashion. What about the rest of the country, though? What do THEY hate to see people wear? Well, thanks to a survey carried out by Debenhams, we can now find out the answer to that question. They surveyed over 1,500 of their customers (OK, so not QUITE enough to give us the views of the entire country) in an online poll, and asked them what they considered to be the biggest fashion faux pas ever. And the answer?

socks with sandals

Image: ASOS

It’s our old friend – or foe, rather – SOCKS WITH SANDALS!

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised. We recently declared socks with sandals to be one of the biggest style crimes of the summer, and we stand by that assessment. As for the rest of the Top 10, meanwhile, it ran as follows:

1. Socks and sandals
2. Platforms for men
3. Low slung trousers
4. Velour tracksuits
5. Harems
6. Crop tops
7. Bum bags (Fanny packs)
8. Shell suit
9. Trucker hats
10. Scrunchies

The only one of these we were really surprised by was number 2: platforms for men. Is that really a thing now? We know SOME men wear platforms, of course, but we wouldn’t have thought it was enough of a trend to have made it into a “worst fashion trends” list. Maybe we haven’t been associating with the right kind of men? Or maybe we have? Who knows.

The same could be said for shell suits and bum bags (“fanny packs”, if you’re American): sure, they’re horrible, but they haven’t been in widespread use since the 80s, as far as we’re aware, so we wouldn’t have considered them to be a huge threat. Looks like we might have to reconsider that assessment, though, if this list is anything to go by.

Low slung trousers? A fashion crime if they’re SO low slung they create a “builder’s butt” (or if they’re simply the wrong cut for the person wearing them), but some people can definitely get away with them. And as for crop tops, we have to admit to quite liking them, when they’re styled well. As with most things, they don’t suit everyone, but we think they’re perfect with high waisted skirts, so we’re not prepared to dismiss them as crimes of fashion completely.

What do you make of this list? Any surprises? Any omissions? What would YOU have votes the biggest fashion crime ever? 

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