UK dress sizes to move to European system

Tapemeasure If you live in the UK, then you proably know all about vanity sizing. It’s that crazy system we have whereby a size 14 in one store corresponds to a size 12 in another, and is a size 12 somewhere else. So many of our fashion retailers over here size their clothes down, in the belief that we’ll be so delighted to find ourselves suddenly fitting into that size 10 dress that we’ll definitely want to buy it. To my mind, French Connection are the worst offenders for this: I wear a UK size 6 in most stores, but I can’t shop in French Connection at all – their size 6 will literally fall off me. Next are notorious for their generous sizing too, as are many others.

Well, all that could be set to change soon if the EU get their way. They’d like to scrap the current size system and move to a European system, whereby clothes would be measured in centimeters, so instead of buying a size 10 for instance, you’d be looking for something that corresponded to your bust, waist, hip and leg measurement. The EU say this will not only make sizes more consistent across different stores, it will also help eradicate the so-called "size 0" phenomenon, where women diet to fit into a certain dress size.

So, what does everyone think?

For myself, I’m divided on this. I know vanity sizing is a huge problem for a lot of women, who just don’t know what dress size they are, because it varies so much between stores. And I also think there’s too much emphasis on dress size, anyway. The size of someone’s dress is totally irrelevant when it comes to working out whether their bodyweight is healthy or not: fitting into a "size 0" for instance, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re anorexic if you’re a petite person, while a higher dress size doesn’t necessarily mean you’re "fat".

So, on the one hand I think moving away from the current system could be a good move. On the other hand?
I am old. And a bit stupid. I hate the thought of walking into a store and not knowing which size I am (I know I’d probably get used to it in time, but it would still feel like being abroad, and constantly having to convert the foreign currency prices into your currency before you know how much something costs). If not really being all that keen on change is my only argument against this move, though, I somehow don’t think I have a leg to stand on.

What do you think?

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