The pink one. It’s pink, innit? …

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The pink one. It’s pink, innit?

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Frankenshoes: ugly shoes arrested by The Fashion Police
I would wear the face shoes without a care in the world except for the fact that I can’t wear a heel higher than 1″, maybe 1.5″. I would like pointing my toes and seeing a little face. And I think these featured are very nice indeed. But any shoe that is going to sweep up the dirt, or make you look deformed – they gotta go!

The 2013 Brit Awards
She is lovely, so why this awful dress?

The 2013 Brit Awards
That’s because the Spice Girls “look” was how they wanted to dress. Not how some stylist thought they should look.

The 2013 Brit Awards
For a second “Spice Up Your Life!” Then I realised no one will ever be the Spice Girls. Bad look, Little Mix, bad.

The 2013 Brit Awards
I think she is turning into Helena Bonham Carter with less Gothic. I like this look on her.

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