Hmmm…snowman peeking out from my chest or nutcrackers on my …

Comment on Wear or Die: Ugly Sweaters by Carol.

Hmmm…snowman peeking out from my chest or nutcrackers on my boobs? Tough choice here. I’d probably go with the bright pink, since it’s so over the top my friends would all know I’m wearing it as a statement AGAINST holiday sweaters.

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The Emperor’s New Fendi Trousers
Even worse – these appear to be pants. In what situation would these be appropriate “clothing”? I’m asking seriously, because I can’t think of a single place to wear these.

Crime of Fashion? Moschino does Underwear-as-Outerwear
I think Rita Ora was just out in this. Not a look I’m going to try…

Iris Van Herpen X United Nude Biopiracy Boots: the strangest shoes ever?
I have problems finding boots because my calves are so wide. This would solve the issue, I suppose. And it would be easier to tuck my jeans inside…

Wear or Die | Comme des Garcons Fall 2014 Edition
I would go with the one on the left. It’s kind of how I’ve been dressing this winter anyway – bundle up and throw a huge scarf (or blanket) around me. Subzero temps make me crazy.

WEAR or DIE? | Cut-out dress edition
Been lovely knowing you all, but I’m going to die here. These don’t look good on anyone and I can’t possibly wear either. Besides, I’d die of embarrassment, so might as well do it up front before scaring the public with the extra flesh-flash.

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