Snowman. At least people would look at it and know …

Comment on Wear or Die: Ugly Sweaters by Frankie.

Snowman. At least people would look at it and know it was a snowman whereas the nutcrackers aren’t so obvious. And creepier.

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Wear or Die: Tall and All printed hipster pants edition
As above, purple, and say I was on my way to a 70’s fancy dress night.

Wear or Die: Comme des Garcons Edition
The left. Though given I’m 5″2 I’d look like something out of a Tim Burton nightmare.

Taylor Momsen in “Tip Jar” hooker heels
Yeah it’s horrible but…I’m impressed she can wear those heels for longer than five minutes. I mean it’s not even a photoshoot, she’s genuinely just wandering around in them. I’d break an ankle in seconds.

Wear or Die: Covered up
I would say A and belt it but it’s so huge I don’t think even a massive chunky belt would help. B.

Wear or Die: Psychadelic Jumpsuit edition
Both are horrible. But being small and having a normally proportioned body I’d say A. B would make me look like a lycra 80’s nightmare. With a huge bum.

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