Strange Skirts: Aqua jumps on the bandwagon

Half Skirt

Aqua are becoming serial offenders in the real of Strange Skirts: and Strange Other Items, too, to be perfectly honest. We think they’ve outdone themselves with this Half Maxi/Half Mini, though. Come on, Aqua, make your minds up! Surely no one is THIS indecisive? Look, even the model is starting to get all huffy:

Skirt with one long side and one short sideNot content with a skirt that will leave one leg out in the cold, however, Aqua continued the strangeness with this Shirt-With-a-Tail:

Shirt dress with long tailThey call it a “dress”. We call it “what a Fashion Criminal Superhero would wear, if there actually were Fashion Criminal Superheroes. Which there isn’t: there are only villains in the world of Fashion Criminals.”

And just to prove that we’re not totally biased against dresses with weird long bits attached to them, we don’t hate this one:

Black dress with long trainOh, who are we kidding? We DO hate it. Just not as much as the other two. Because once you’ve looked at those, even this starts to look not-so-bad, don’t you think?


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