Ugly Prom Dresses Roundup, Part 2

There just wasn’t enough space to capture all the ugly prom dresses in the world in yesterday’s post, so we’re continuing with the theme today, with a little bit of help from Fashion Police Officers Vera and Sophie, who, between them, managed to capture all of these prom dress outrages…


Yellow chicken prom dress
“Chick-chick-chick-chick-chicken! Lay a little egg for me!”

black sparkly sexy short Prom Dress
The “Bringing Sexy Back”

Pink prom dress with black corset
The “I Finally Made The Cover of a Kinky Romance Novel!” (Thanks, Sophie!)

Blue and white prom dress with corset

The “Milk Maid”

Green feathered prom dress

The “What do you mean, peacock feathers are unlucky?”

blue silk prom dress

The “I’ll be dancing on the bar in this later”

Want to see some more? Report prom dress crimes to The Fashion Police, and try not to have nightmares…



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