Fashion Police, Ugly Prom Dresses

Ugly Prom Dresses Roundup: The Ultimate Ugly Prom Dress Gallery!

Ugly prom dresses: they’re out there. Oh boy, are they out there. The Fashion Police have been arresting these ugly prom dresses for years now, in a bid to keep the prom-going public free of such horrors as the “Bahama Mama” and “The One That Looks Like a Toilet Roll Doll”, but the consequence of that has been that our jail is now overflowing with ugly prom dresses of all descriptions. Some are tacky, some are trashy; some contain such lurid colours and patterns that not even eyeball bleach can save our sight. Others have strange cut-outs, so little fabric that you may as well go naked, or bizarre dangly bits that we can’t even begin to fathom.  Some are even not that bad in the opinions of our readers.

Today, then, we’re bringing out all (or most) of the ugly prom dresses we’ve arrested over the years, and putting them on parade: a kind of rogue’s gallery, if you will. Don’t have nightmares…

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