I once won a toilet roll doll at a village …

Comment on Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: the toilet-cover doll by amelia.

I once won a toilet roll doll at a village fete as a kid. I was bitterly disappointed when my Mum refused to use it. If I remember rightly it did look a little like this!

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Fashion Police Checkpoint!
Hmmm… I’ve had a very lazy Saturday morning so am not dressed yet.
pink, brown and gold striped pj bottoms (Jasper Conran)
red slippers
pale blue vest under a navy blue vest both from topshop
and fluffy fluffy white dressing gown.
When I do get dressed, I’ll probably be in old jeans and a t-shirt for gardening.

Stiletto heels: how high is too high?
Unfortunately I walk like a man in drag in heels. I buy them, but only to look at! Occasionally my sisters will borrow them (we are so lucky being the same size – wardrobes are constantly rotated!) and I can enjoy seeing my beautiful shoes on a real person. The highest heels I own are about 4″ so I guess that’d be my limit.

Foil mini dress: because everyone’s a stripper at heart
I’m actually speechless! You’d have to be mad to go out in this, I think it might actually be one of the worst fashion crimes ever.

No love for logos
I can’t bear this kind of blatant display of advertising on the part of the designer. The wearer nearly always looks naff, if a little chavvy.
Possibly not a jailable offense though – perhaps community service?

Sex and the City New York Premiere: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis & Kim Cattrall
Well, SJP always gets the dress right. And always looks at least 10 time better than the others.
I agree about the handles on Kim’s little number, but I gotta tell you, if I look even half way as great as she does when I reach her age, well, I’ll be a very happy bunny. In fact I think she probably looks younger than me now, and she could be my mother!
Cynthia’s dress, is unremarkable, but looks ok on her – I’d certainly give her more points than Kim.
And I love the gold. Normally, I’m not a metallic kind of girl (Ok have had a few mistakes in the past with a certain very tiny silver mini-dress when I was about 15 but, you know, I hadn’t developed my style then…) But this looks great. I especially love the hem, and the black accessories make it really great.

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