I have a larger problem with the fact that they …

Comment on Ugly Prom Dresses: now with added lingerie by Sarah.

I have a larger problem with the fact that they call this “ethereal”. …What? The lace is chunky and the black fabric looks very thick and like it wouldn’t move very freely. Not exactly my definition of ethereal.

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Holey Clothes: Julien Macdonald fine-knit slash-detail sweater
While I would NEVER pay that much money…on any piece of clothing in fact, other than a couture gown or a wedding dress lol, I like this idea. I actually quite like the shirt, but I feel I could easily find it cheaper. Or find a sweater, and do it myself.

Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Amanda Seyfried
I agree about the bubble wrap look. It bothers me less on Amanda because hers isn’t quite so crazy tight as I thought J-Lo’s was.

Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Queen Latifa
k, I hate to break it to you, but when you sit in a dress, this tends to happen lol.

I think the color looks gorgeous on her! And the beading is just right — not too much, but just enough to be noticeable and elegant.

Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Privé
I am SO glad that I’m not the only one who thought this looked like bubble wrap. I just don’t get it…the material looks so thick and bulky.

Lady Gaga wears a lobster on her head to dinner at Mr Chow
But yet we’re still talking about her 🙂

I think she does this on purpose. I think she’s pretty awesome, and she gets attention from dressing so…differently.

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