It’s a shame because that dress is so close to …

Comment on Ugly Prom Dresses: now with added lingerie by Emily.

It’s a shame because that dress is so close to being really nice. If the bodice didn’t look so trashy and the skirt fell in a nicer line, it would look quite pretty.

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What They Wore: Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 Celebrity Arrivals
Footless tights are basically sheer leggings (sheggings?). There’s a reason to hate them.

Would you wear… ASOS’s zig-zag print maxi dress?
Ugh. What an awful color/pattern combination.

OTOH, the shape of the dress is very nice. I like the idea of long-sleeved maxi-dresses, though the sleeveless ones never did a thing for me. If we could only get some in a fabric that isn’t a knit, I might actually buy a few of them.

Celebrity Style On Trial: Rihanna in drop-crotch pants and crop top
Ugh! Awful. No one could pull off that outfit.

James Piatt’s Pursuader: the automatic rifle handbag
Dare you to take it though airport security…

Red Carpet Watch: Sienna Miller, Anna Wintour et al at the screening of ‘The September Issue’
Alexa Chung’s dress is lovely but the shoes ruin it.

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