Ugly Prom Dresses: now with added lingerie


You know, The Fashion Police could swear we saw that bustier in the TK Maxx lingerie department sale, just before Christmas. Looks like some enterprising person snapped it up, sewed a black skirt onto the bottom, et voila – one Ugly Prom Dress! And the great thing is, you won’t even have to wear underwear with it because… well, because the top half of it IS underwear. Genius.

The description on the retailer’s website describes this as "ethereal". Well, that’s one way of putting it we guess, although it possibly wouldn’t have been the word The Fashion Police would’ve chosen…

(Thanks to officer Adrienne for the report!)

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Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: the toilet-cover doll


Anyone remember toilet cover dolls? We’re hoping, for your own sake, that you answered "no" to that question, but just in case you did, they were creepy little dolls with huge, crocheted dresses that some people used to place over the top of their spare loo rolls in a bid to make them look more "genteel". In fact, some people probably still do.

And that’s exactly what you would look like, were you to wear this dress to prom: a toilet cover doll. Isn’t that just fab?

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