Ugly Prom Dress of the Week: the Strawberry Shortcake


  Judging by some of the comments we get on the various Ugly Prom Dresses in the Fashion Police cells, we know some of you are going to just love this one, and that's great: you can wear it, so we don't have to!

We, meanwhile, think this looks like Strawberry Shortcake just threw up all over it. And we can't blame her, really: the pinkness, the ruffles, the flowers… None of these things on their own would make for an ugly prom dress, of course, but put them altogether, mix for a few minutes, and you end up with a Toilet Doll with a serious penchant for pink. And let us just be blunt: there's no good way to dress like a toilet doll. We're sorry to disappoint you, but there just isn't.

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