Ugly Prom Dress Alert: the belly button dress


Oh, what a tragedy! An Ugly Prom Dress that wouldn't even be an Ugly Prom Dress but for one tiny detail: the belly button hole.

Now, it's our contention that belly buttons have no place at prom. None at all. This dress, however, makes the belly button the centrepiece of the whole outfit, ringing it with rhinestones as if to say "Look! A belly button! Betchya never saw one of these bad boys before!" Yes, it's all about the bellybutton here, and the overall effect is to make the model look like she needed emergency keyhole surgery, and the surgeon didn't have time to remove the dress first.

For this reason, and this reason alone, this dress has earned it's place in the Ugly Prom Dress parade. And it could've been so, so easily avoided…

[Thanks to Jacey for the report!]

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