Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Bake in the oven for 30 minutes before wearing

Ugly_promdress Monday’s ugly prom dress was by ‘Xtreme’, this one is by ‘Xcite’. Are you starting to see what we mean about the wackily-spelled-brand-names-beginning-with-X?

We’re curious as to whether the cooking instructions come with it or not. Can you put it in the microwave, do you think, or does it have to go in the oven? And why so tinfoily, anyway? What makes a young girl open her closet and think, "Gee, it’s prom soon, and what I really wish I had is a dress fashioned out of tinfoil."?

Answers on a postcard…

Spotted an Ugly Prom Dress? Call The Fashion Police!

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