Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: Tie dye disaster


OK, this isn’t strictly speaking, tie dye. In fact, we don’t really know what this is. And actually, we’re so horrified by it that it’s left us lost for words – all we can do is stare at it helplessly, wondering who the hell would wear a prom dress like this? Seriously, WHO?

Thanks to Lil for the heads up on this one. Remember, if you’ve seen an Ugly Prom Dress out and about, who you gonna call? Call The Fashion Police, of course!


  • May 1, 2008


    The fading is called ombre. It doesn’t make the dress any better though

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  • May 1, 2008


    Does anyone actually wear these “prom dresses” to their proms?

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  • August 29, 2009


    Is it just me or does this look photoshopped?

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