Ugly Prom Dresses

Ugly Prom Dresses: yes, there’s more of them…


Since last Friday’s Ugly Prom Dress roundup, we’ve had lots of reports of even more prom dress crimes. The Fashion Police fear these are the work of an organised Ugly Prom Dress Crime Ring, but please don’t be alarmed: rest assured that we’re working round the clock to round up the offenders and make the world of proms a safe place once more. Well, as safe as it ever was, anyway.

Here are some of the latest occupants of our cells. All of the suspects on this page are being sold as prom dresses. We live in frightening times, clearly.


This one could almost have worked. It’s as if the designer thought, “Crap, this isn’t NEARLY ugly enough. I know! I’ll insert a hideous sheer insert in the belly! That’ll do it!” And it did.


The full horror is realised here only when you notice that the bit around the boobs is totally sheer…


Yeah. There’s just nothing we can say here, is there?


On the plus side, at least you can’t see her boobs or belly button in this one. Even so, we could not be more confused.


Oh, God have mercy…

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