Explain these shorts

high waisted wool shorts by ellery

A Monday morning challenge for you, readers: imaginary donuts for the first person to give us a plausible explanation for the existence of these shorts. Under what awful set of circumstances would you need a pair of high-waited, bodycon knitted shorts, we wonder? Surely not to wear like this, with ankle boots or peep toes (Peep Toe Boot Rule! Although the shoes on the left aren’t really “boots”, are they? They’re just… well, ugly, basically.)

Even assuming that you DO suddenly find yourself thinking “Gosh, I wish I had a pair of knitted shorts around about now,” why would you be paying $625 for them? (Knitters! You need to get on this! Seriously, you can make a killing here, if we can just find enough people willing to buy these…)

Do you accept the challenge? Go on, then, tell us why we need a pair of $600 knitted shorts in our lives!

(The shorts are by Ellery, by the way: click here to buy a pair, but tell us when and how you’re going to be wearing them first, we beg you.)

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