That is the worst pair of jeans, (If you can …

Comment on Ugly Jeans: Could you love a man who wore these? by sue.

That is the worst pair of jeans, (If you can call them jeans) i’ve ever seen, If a boyfriend of mine brought a pair, i would dump him. they are terrible.

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Crime of Fashion? Button-front skinny jeans from Topshop
I hate Topshop, their clothes are weird

J Brand’s ‘Gigi’ cropped bell bottom jeans: discuss
spark, do you mean a middle aged woman like me. some middle aged woman a very stylist like myself

Flares make a comeback: will you be wearing them?
Yes, yes, yes. i love 70s fashion. bring on the flares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great outfit, Stella McCartney!
They remind me of what the prisoners in Prisoner call block h had to wear.

Denim Wars: What’s your favourite type of jeans?
I like flared jeans best. mainly because i love 70s fashion

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