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Ugly Harem Pants of the Day: Armand Basi One Mesh Harem Pants

Harem Shants

As harem pants go, these are far from the worst we’ve seen. In fact, in a Wear or Die type of situation, we may even find ourselves picking these over another pair of drop-crotches, purely because the “harem” part is made of mesh, and is therefore that little bit less noticeable than a regular ol’ saggy pant.

Why does the mesh overlay exist then? You may well ask. But we wouldn’t be able to answer, because we have no idea why you’d need a pair of pants with another pair of pants (albeit sheer ones) sewn over the top of them. We’d also have to disappoint you if you were hoping to buy these, because they’re currently sold out at, who were selling them for $170. Keep checking back, though – you never know your luck!

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