Impostor Alert! Sergio Rossi “sandal” boots

Boots designed to look like shoes

Oh, God, here we go again… No matter how many times we think we’ve managed to rid the fashion word of the Footwear Impostors which plague it, up pops another pair of boots which are oh-so-cleverly disguised as a pair of shoes. It’s a losing battle, folks, seriously.

Now, we’ve made all of the arguments against this terrible practice before: if you want to wear socks and shoes, why not just BUY socks and shoes; what about if you want to wear the shoes with something other than black socks, etc, etc – so in the case of these Sergio Rossi boots, we’ll simply note the saddest point of all, which is that the shoes themselves are actually quite nice. This makes us feel sorry for them. What did they ever do to deserve this, ending up stuck to a pair of boots? They didn’t deserve it. And now they will forever be stuck to those boots: they will never grow up, and be worn with different combinations of hosiery – or even no hosiery – like all of the other shoes in the closet. It’s a tragedy, and one that’s happening all too often these days. Perhaps we need to start some kind of campaign to help both them, and the countless other shoes like them. FREE THE SHOES, everyone: you know you want to!

(If you just want to buy the shoes, meanwhile, you can click here to do it. Just be aware that it’ll cost you £839, and they’ll come with a pair of boots attached…)

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