The better question to ask is why the fashion industry …

Comment on The “Ugly buy Comfortable” War Rages On, With Ugg Boots Stuffed Inside Shoes by Tiara.

The better question to ask is why the fashion industry insists on pushing supposedly attractive shoes to us that are really a pain (literally) and can be harmful to your body, while more sensible choices comfort- and health-wise are villified as “but they’re UGLY!!!!!”? So what if they’re ugly! At least I’m not going to have back issues!
(though while Uggs are comfy as heck, I must have bought a dud pair, because I still have feet issues. They’re not very useful for walking longer than 5 minutes; my feet hurt after a while. If I could afford them, I’ll definitely get Crocs – they remind me of my UWP crew, who wore them ALL THE TIME in 2005, and I need a proper utility shoe that won’t break down like my other 3 did.)

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