The “Ugly buy Comfortable” War Rages On, With Ugg Boots Stuffed Inside Shoes


Sigh. Why is it that some designers persist in believing that footwear can only be comfortable, warm and practical if it’s 100% butt-ugly? We’ve seen it happen with Crocs, we’ve seen it happen with Uggs, we’ve seen it happen with Snowjoggers…. Always the excuse is the same: "But they’re SO COMFY! And warm!" Yes, yes, we KNOW they’re comfortable and warm. We just don’t care, because lots of shoes are comfortable and warm, without being made of plastic or making you look like you’re wearing a couple of sleeping bags on your feet.

But I digress. And actually, I quite like Uggs myself. I also like Mary Janes. What I don’t like, and can’t even begin to understand, is why on earth someone at Faith thought it would be a good idea to stuff an Ugg boot inside a Mary Jane. Because that’s just wrong. It’s a blatant contravention of the "Boots That Look Like Shoes" rule, for one, and for two…. well, it’s an Ugg boot inside a Mary Jane. Do I really need to say more?    

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