Two-tone pants and double-waist jeans

We’re declaring a state of emergency: crimes of fashion are starting to take over the pants world. First, there was these:

jeans with knee frills

It’s like, they WERE regular jeans… but they’d always dreamt of being ballerina jeans. A couple of knee-tutus later, and their wish was granted!

These pants, meanwhile, just couldn’t decide what THEY wanted to be when they grew up:

two-tone pants

Would they be pinstripe pants or cargo pants? Business or causal? Why couldn’t they be both, they wondered? Well, luckily for them, that wish was granted, too: which is a useful lesson for us all, really. Never try to pigeonhole yourselves, people – always remember the pants, and the inspiring tale of how they managed to have it all!


double-waist jeans

Now, The Fashion Police have dealt with this kind of thing before, and it never fails to make us think of the aura we get before a migraine, which makes the world look a little bit surreal. Just like a migraine, these have made us want to go and lie down for a while in a darkened room – and not just because of the look of them, but because they’re $695, and in low stock in all sizes, which means there’s a whole lot of people out there who just dropped a mortgage payment on a pair of jeans that look like a bad headache.

And now we really DO have to go and lie down for a while…

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