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Comment on Mom jeans go two-tone at Topshop by Eleonore.


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Supermarket Sweep | The Best of Supermarket Fashion
In France MONOPRIX is a supermarket (half food/half others) with a great cloth line and sometimes designers

Fashion Crime Friday | Adjustable Mini Apron Denim Skirt
My eyes opened so wide when I saw this terrible Apron denim “skirt” and the “pants” that comes with it ! Nice price too. Have you seen the face of the girl wearing it on the OC website ? She’s desperate…

Crime of Fashion? Gareth Pugh raised neck dress
If a dress makes a model look ugly, it’s probably not for me !

Trend Trial | Windowpane check
I only like it on the dress

Style Trial | Three Floor scalloped dress
I IMMEDIATLY thought of a dinosaur !

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