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Tuxedo Crimes Spread to Body Suits: Jean Paul Gaultier is alleged perp



Yes, folks, the curse of the tux-that's-not-a-tux is not confined to just Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney pieces: Jean Paul Gaultier has also allegedly been perpetrating these crimes (We say "allegedly" – this item was found on eBay, and while we've no reason not to believe the seller, we can't vouch for the identity of the designer personally), and you see the evidence above, in the shape of a tuxedo bodysuit.

A tuxedo body suit. That's… confusing. We understand, of course, that "normal" body suits are worn so as to give the appearance of a top tucked into a skirt or trousers, and to prevent that annoying "top coming untucked" situation that so often arises. The existence of this item, however, would seem to suggest that there are people in the world who like to tuck their JACKETS into their pants. And all we can really say to that is, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

The other alternative, of course, is that the tuxedo body suit is intended to be worn exactly as it's shown on this mannequin, with NO pants, skirt, or, indeed anything other than a pair of tights, perhaps.

We live in troubling times, clearly. Very troubling times.

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