Style Trial | tulle ballerina skirts

Once the sole province of ballerinas and, well, little girls, tulle skirts have been making their presence known in the fashion world lately, which made us think it was high time to put this trend On Trial…

Topshop ballerina midi skirt

tulle skirt

Raluca Mihalceanu, $297

Topshop ballerina midi skirt, £50

Coast Cordelia skirt

Coast Cordelia skirt, £135

Beloved by fashion bloggers, the voluminous shape, and fancy net fabric both suggest that these skirts are the type of thing you’d wear to only the most formal of occasions. Not so, though: while the skirts on their own have a very “princessy” feel to them, we’re mostly seeing them being worn with casual pieces to tone down the look. Think sweaters and t-shirts on top, with either plain pumps or boots on the feet: a mix of casual and formal, which can either work REALLY well, or make you look like you got dressed in the dark.

It’ll come as no surprise to our regular readers to know that The Fashion Police love tulle skirts for their Grace-Kelly-in-Rear-Window retro appeal, and also for the aforementioned “princess” factor. There’s no denying, however, that this can be a hard look to pull off: unless you live in the type of fashion-forward metropolis in which no one will bat an eye at the sight of someone dressed a little bit like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree, no matter how sloppy your sweater, you’re probably still going to get a lot of those “where are you going, all dressed up?” questions, and possibly a few less polite ones, too.  Regardless of how you wear it, this will probably never be a particularly “casual” look, so if you don’t like feeling “dressed up”, it’s probably not for you.

IS this look for you? What do you think of tulle “ballerina” skirts? Do you share our love for them, or do you consider them to be a crime of fashion? 


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