Trousers with skirts attached to them: spotted!


Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we were reminiscing about the 90s trend for trousers with skirts attached to them? Well, we found an example for you, and as it turns out, that trend may not be quite so "nineties" after all, because if you like it, you can buy this trouser/skirt combo for the "bargain" price of £528 from designer Yohji Yamamoto. Or, of course, you could just wear an existing skirt over an existing pair of trousers, save yourself the £528, and create exactly the same effect – although we’d guess the "double waistband" you’d be dealing with if you chose to do that could end up being a bit of a pain…

Is this a look you would go for, readers, or do you want to just send it right back to the 90s?

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