Trend Trial | Sensible Sandals as a Fashion Statement

This summer, sandals are getting sensible. And by “sensible”, we’re talking Birkenstock-esque levels of comfort, all worn with the kind of outfits we’re more used to seeing with much more dressy shoes:

zara pencil skirt

sensible sandals at Topshop

primark gingham dress

Images: Zara, Topshop, Primark


Now, before we go any further here, we just want to make it crystal clear that we’re not talking about people who wear these shoes because they have foot problems, or because they need to walk miles in the midday sun, and just want to be comfortable while they’re doing it. Nuh-uh. That’s not why the brands showcased above have styled their clothes with chunky, almost orthopaedic looking footwear. They’re not doing it because they want the models to be comfortable: they’re doing it because they think it looks good, and they want YOU to think so to.


Our own natural inclination (and we’re sure this will come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever to those who know us), would have been to pair these particular outfits with slimmer, more delicate shoes. They could be flats, they could be heels, they could be wedges – we could probably think of at least a dozen different shoes we’d have gone for before arriving at these three. (And they’d be comfortable shoes, too: ┬áthere ARE comfortable options which DON’T look like this, seriously.) But of course, we’re not edgy, and these looks are – sort of. Wearing flattering shoes is the boring thing to do: wearing these ones is the edgy, unexpected, fashion-forward way – and we predict that it’s something we’ll be seeing a lot more of as the summer progresses.

This may be good news for feet, but is it good news for style? That’s the question before you today, so tell us: what do you think of the trend for “sensible” sandals (as a fashion statement, as opposed to when they’re being worn for purely practical reasons)? Do you like them? Will you be wearing this kind of look this summer? Over to you, jurors…

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