Trend Trial: Boiler Suits

“The boiler suit trend”: now THERE are some words we hoped never to have to write. It’s happened, though. Boiler suits are being deemed a “hot trend” for the summer, which means we find ourselves in the expected position of having to ask you…

boiler suits fashion trend

Boiler suits, ASOS

Before we looked at these images, we’d automatically have dismissed boiler suits, not as a crime of fashion, necessarily, but as something we would never want to wear. (Unless we were actually, you know, boiling…)

After looking at the images, however… we’re STILL dismissing them as something we’d never, ever want to wear. Especially the denim version, which is just too ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ for words.

You are not us, though, and for all we know, you may have spent your entire life just waiting for boiler suits to become trendy, so you could wear them with pride. Also, to be fair, not ALL of the current crop of boiler suits have a utilitarian, “I’m here to fix your plumbing” look about them. No, some of them look more like silky pyjamas:

selection of fashionable boiler suits

These suits are all from River Island, who’ve positioned themselves right at the forefront of the boiler suit trend, with a selection of different styles, as shown above. Most commentators are recommending wearing them with heels and accessories, presumably in a bid to make them look less like lounge or workwear, and more like street clothing. ¬†We guess the embroidery on the River Island versions will definitely make sure you won’t be mistaken for a plumber, but we’re still seeing sleepwear on these versions, particularly the all-white version.

On the plus side however, if you can pull these off, we guess at least they’ll be comfortable 0 unless you need to visit the bathroom in a hurry.

What you think of boiler suits? Fashion crime, or just fine?

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