Trend Alert: Leather Sweatpants?

(L-R: HHN by Haute Hippe, $895; Bird by Juicy Couture, $998)

Imagine if you will, readers, a world in which you were prepared to hand over the best part of $1000 for a pair of sweatpants. Are you imagining it? You wouldn’t want those sweatpants to be made of cotton, or fleece, or some other kind of cheap fabric, would you? Hell no. You’d want them to be made of unicorn skin. Failing┬áthat, though, perhaps you’d be willing to settle for leather? Does that sound like something you’d do? Because this season, fashion designers have anticipated just such a scenario, and have thoughtfully provided pairs of leather sweatpants, like the ones seen above.

Now, this is, of course, a very literal interpretation of the phrase “sweat pants”. We suspect these will make you sweat at least a little more than some other, more breathable fabric would. (We also suspect you won’t be wearing them to work out in, though, so that may not be an issue for you.) But what do you think of the introduction of the leather sweatpants into your life, as part of the continuing bid to make “casual” seem “chic”? Are you on board? If you are, both of the examples above can be found at Shopbop

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