Fashion Trends: Trench coats (as seen on Sienna Miller, Coleen McLoughlin and everyone else this season….)


Rare is the item of clothing that can unite Sienna Miller and Coleen McLoughlin in a common sense of style. One such item of clothing has done it, though, and that one item of clothing is none other than the humble trench coat (actually, we suspect Ugg boots could probably do it too, but this article is about trench coats, so let’s just forget about the Uggs for now) which, you’ll be surprised to know, are making a comeback for Spring ’08 – and we say "surprised" because we didn’t even know trench coats had gone anywhere.

Trench coats one of those all-time style classics, and as ably demonstrated by Sienna and Coleen here, all you need to do is pair them with a pair of well cut jeans and some sunglasses (bright blue Ray Bans, in Sienna’s case) and you have yourself one casual-yet-chic look. What’s not to love?

The trench coat separating Sienna and Coleen is £25 from New Look, where it’s also available in purple and black – read on to see some more of the same…


A classic trench, £35


A not-so-classic trench coat, also from Topshop, but this time £65, and working that dip-dye look that’s also popular this spring


Anthropologie have also gone the dip-dye route with their Half-Past-Six coat (£130)- a trench, by any other name


Gap do trench coats every year – this cropped style is $65.


Burberry’s gold button trench coat won’t leave much change out of £1000.


Marc Jacobs’ short trench, meanwhile, is even more expensive at £1375, but is green. Gotta love that green…

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